Business Redundancy and Outplacement Services

Business Redundancy and Outplacement Services

Redundancy and Outplacement Services for Employers

Established in 1992, The ChangeKey Partnership provides Employers with value for money, high-quality redundancy and outplacement support during times of change.

During times of ‘Downsizing' or the ‘re-evaluation of individuals', management and HR departments can feel enormous strain. Our vast experience in helping a wide range of organisations move through redundancy in these difficult times quickly means that whether it's 1 or 50 staff requiring Redundancy support - we can help.

Professionalism, sensitivity and confidentiality are critical, and that's the ChangeKey promise.

"Our Outplacement/ redundancy service has proven to be highly effective in helping managers and other professionals maximise their potential and get them back into the market place in the shortest possible time. We will define precisely what they are looking for, identifying  their potential by assessing their motivation, ability and style patterns, agree an action plan that will enable them to maximise their career success and implement their action plan with constructive and positive support."

Outplacement and Redundancy Programmes

  • Directors and senior managers
  • Middle managers
  • Managers 
  • Professionals/Technical 
  • Administrative

Our redundancy programmes are designed to both fit the individual and the company's or organisation's budget. Obviously the more senior the individual is within the organisation usually the more Outplacement/redundancy support and assistance is required and over a longer period of time.

Supporting Resilient and Marketable Individuals 

Some professionals may only require minimum support, perhaps over a period of a month or so to help prepare them for a more competitive job market, or update their job search and interview skills.

Supporting Long-term employees/ Stressed/ Shocked/ Compromise Agreements

Others find the Outplacement/redundancy experience more personally difficult, either based on their limited skill set, personal circumstances or the inconvenient timing of the redundancy which can result in emotional distress. Often organisations identifying this possibility are more compassionate to these outplacement cases and may extend periods of support to these individuals, recognising the length of service and contribution made.

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Options for SME's Managing closure or a number of employees leaving the company

At the administrative end of the scale, unless serious emotional issues are recognised,  a more immediate and pragmatic range of outplacement support is available including:-

  • Small group redundancy workshops covering the main elements of redundancy including managing the redundancy process, preparing cv's, job search skills, company information, web site recruiting, job search, job agencies and interview skills.
  • Individual or small group redundancy surgeries helping individuals with issues personal to them and one to one coaching.
  • Telephone or email redundancy support coaching.
  • Online redundancy support and includes e.g. practical cv, job search, business information, web recruiting jobs and agencies.

Duration of our redundancy and outplacement programmes:-

The duration of our Outplacement and redundancy programmes range from as little as a few hours or days to six months for more senior managers