Stress Coaching

Stress Coaching

Many successful people experience inner restlessness. It often has to do with pressure, from work, family, and even from your own desire to excel.

Ralph Said - "I managed the transfer and I continued to stay in touch with Jeff. The professional and confidential nature of the service and after care offered by Jeff and his colleagues is exemplary."

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There are so many ways we can feel stuck in life.

 Whether you are trying to get to bed on time or trying to start your work ahead of deadlines, or wish to kick a habit of too much food, TV, games, etc. or are just really interested in a change but can't get started.

We have been working with individuals and companies for all most twenty five years, helping them come to terms with difficulties in their life and the lives of their employees and business.

We have had and continue to have tremendous success using a range of techniques and strategies that appeared to deliver a change in focus and outlook for our clients, sometimes new or improved skills to maintain or create a new career but always an improved way forward in their lives and of their business.

Confidence or Insecurity

Our Realisation

We became used to our clients mentioning that they felt “better” during and after our sessions and were much clearer in their thinking, leading them to make real decisions for their future and not only that but also taking the necessary action to achieve their goals.

 We called it the “invisible “X” factor” and even though we had discussed it time and again over the years, we had never been able to put our finger on what the “x” factor was and why what we did worked so well!

Then two years ago I happened upon a different understanding of how our thinking really works that blew the doors wide open on what was possible, not only for me and my life – but for our clients as well that explained the “X” factor allowing us to further improve on what we already do – regardless of their brain chemistry, age, race, diagnoses, gender, career and life circumstance, etc.

This new understanding has shortened the amount of time we need to spend with clients to deliver the same effect and in addition has helped in cutting through our clients resistance to change, be it procrastination, self-sabotage, anxiety, etc.  and not only during our work together, but for the foreseeable future.

 The same can be true for you. Since then, I've worked with hundreds of people who have seen a different way of consistently moving life and career forward – without having to control themselves the whole time. This new way of navigating through change and changing habits doesn't take nearly as much time, energy, or struggle.  It also doesn't take more discipline, willpower, motivation, focus, or accountability. Nearly everyone I work with assumes that, with more of these qualities, they would be able to keep things moving. I promise you this isn't the answer. You already have more than enough of what you need to move forward, regardless of how long or deeply ingrained your habit is.  As I mentioned, this understanding isn't a cure for everything you are dealing with – we are humans and we will continue to have ups and downs. However, it does dramatically impact how effectively we deal with those ups and downs.

 This runs counter to how we've traditionally been taught to create change habits, and move life forward. I encourage you to stay open to seeing something new rather than trying to fit this into what you already know. If something doesn't resonate? Let it go. Listen with an open mind and you will get exactly what you need.