Interview Techniques and Coaching

Interview Techniques and Coaching

Face to face and Zoom interview coaching

If you are  unsure of what they are looking for, or just need a little polish, you need our "personal one-to-one Interview Coaching."

We help you get the interviewer to IMAGINE YOU DOING THE JOB

So if you feel :-Interview coach

  • You don't do yourself justice
  • You don't know how to answer the questions
  • You over-talk
  • You over-sell yourself
  • Lacking in confidence
  • You under-sell your strengths
  • Unclear, what they are after 
  • What questions should you ask
  • How to handle the money question
  • Unsure of how to use 'Body Language'

Jim Said

"We have just heard that Richard our son has been offered a job by an airline, after 3 days of tests and interviews.many thanks for all your help.........."

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The session lasts approximately three hours and consists of practising as near to a real interview as possible,sometimes called a "mock interview" 

The first stage is to ascertain your strengths at interview, by initially conducting a short interview, from this it's possible to recognise the coaching required to help manage the interview process effectively. This new information enables us to develop coaching specific to you and giving you real solutions to your personal issues. An important tool we often use to help you see yourself from the interviewer's point of view is video feedback, and this becomes a personal record of the coaching you have received during the session to take away to review in the future when you have an interview to attend.

Just some of the coaching includes:-

  • Research and preparation
  • Visual presentation
  • Communication skills
  • Using STAR Process when responding to interview questions
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Emotional intelligence

In addition to the coaching session you also take away a copy of our E- workbook"The insiders view to a winning interview " 

We have coached literally thousands of people like you to present themselves at an interview or meeting in a truthful yet positive light and successfully demonstrate how they could do the job. And yes, often winning the interview!!!