Thank you for the support you provided me with over the last six months. I now realise I came to you in a state of shock and with my confidence at rock bottom.

Ian- Accountant - Made redundant after 21 years

I would like to thank you for the support and guidance you have provided me with over the last six months

I now realise I came to you in a state of shock and with my confidence at rock bottom. You recognised this at the start and helped me regain my inner self-esteem. Initially, you worked on reminding me of what I have done and achieved in my working life. Then you opened my eyes to the options I had for my future work/life balance and helped me decide which routes to take. The next step was supporting me developing the right tools to progress down my chosen path. We developed a CV with options to adjust, depending on the requirements of the role. Having not been interviewed for a number of years we worked on my interview technique to ensure I sold myself in the right way. Finally, once back in the workplace, you have assisted me in developing the ideas I am implementing in my new role.

Although I have now finished my formal support from you, I know that at any point in the future I have a mentor who I can contact to should I need to.

Once again thanks for all your help and support,

Yours sincerely


Graham  - Made Redundant after 15 years

"When I was made redundant, I was referred to Lyn and Jeff at the 'Change Key Partnership'. I have been very impressed by the support and advice that I have received from Lyn and Jeff, which has been excellent. From the very beginning. I received a professional service and was immediately made to feel at ease when visiting Lyn and Jeff in their office.

Initially, Lyn helped me to search for suitable employment and took the time to make sure that my skills and knowledge matched the positions I was applying for. Jeff helped me to improve my interview and presentation techniques so that by the time I had my first job interview, I felt prepared and confident. In fact. I was successful at the first interview I had and secured a position within weeks of first visiting Change Key.

I remain very grateful to Lyn and Jeff for this and I am still settled and successful in the role that they helped me to secure".