Case Studies

Case Studies

A visit to ChangeKey is a sure-fire and extremely cost-effective way of focusing your skills and realising your dreams.

Alex - frustrated in a role with no prospects and dreading every day 

"Visiting Lyn at Change Key has opened my eyes to what I want out of a career and can now actively work towards it. Additionally, I have found a new role to start now that much better fits me as a person, all of this was only possible because of Lyn & Changekey’s help.

I sought out Lyn during an extended period of unemployment. I had left my last two roles after feeling frustrated in a role with no prospects and dreading every day and wanted to find a role I would enjoy. I looked around at a few different career’s counseling / support agencies. Lyn at Changekey got back to me on the same day I made contact with a very supportive call explaining everything Changekey offered as well as a free personal one to one, offering much better customer service than the other agencies I contacted.

The entire process was pleasant and enjoyable. After completing a range of self-assessment questionnaires, I sat down with Lyn who broke down the results and explained how they related to the workplace. We continued to meet looking more into what motivated me, what were the key elements I enjoyed in work, and what kind of roles I should look for identifying several ideal roles I should apply/train for.

I immediately saw the benefits, at interviews I was much more confident and understood how to evaluate the role and what questions to better understand the role, an action that often impressed the interviewer. Upon completing the coaching I was sent an in-depth personal development profile, a document that will prove invaluable for the foreseeable future. Additionally, the personal one to one coaching was invaluable I found Lyn to be incredibly personable, intuitive, and genuinely invested in my well-being & future.

I would highly recommend Lyn and Changekey their amazing customer care and passion to help people was incredibly helpful, I always looked forward to meeting with Lyn. The best way to explain their impact: before seeing Lyn I had only had two job offer’s in 3 months, both of which were jobs I knew I’d hate and continue the cycle of starting and leaving, during/after seeing Lyn I had three job offers all better roles one I was able to identify as a role I knew I’d enjoy and look forward to starting."

"I would highly recommend Lyn and Changekey, their amazing customer care and passion to help people was incredibly helpful."

Berta and Steve - New Business Startup

"When we decided that we were tired of our current careers, and wanted to find an occupation which we thoroughly enjoyed, we sought some professional advice from Jeff and Lyn at ChangeKey Partnership. They put us on the right path and we have never looked back. We are so grateful to them both for all the help they gave us that we offered to make them a bespoke piece of their choice as a thank you.


They were very keen to have a table for their consulting rooms and after a few hours talking with them and looking through various fine furniture books and magazines we had a good idea of what they were looking for.

The table is made of English and European walnut. The top is constructed of a thick walnut veneer in a twenty piece sunburst pattern, bonded to both sides of a plywood core to ensure a stable and warp free top. The legs are made by laminating sections of solid European walnut and then turning them on a latheand fluting the columns. The stretchers are a laminated tessellation of English walnut which adds strength and stability to the piece. The final flourish is added by the cross-grain moulded lipping and ebony line detail.

TestimonialJeff and Lyn have been kind enough to give us the following testimonial: -

"To Berta & Steve. We knew that you were special but the depth surprised us - truly out of this world. Thanks a million, the table is and will be treasured forever."

If you would like to speak to Jeff or Lyn about your career or would like more information about what it is like to work with us then call them on 0115 9523602. We give them the highest recommendation and cannot thank them enough.

The table measures 45" in diameter and is 19" high, It took 80 to 100 hours to make and finish."


Thomas-  IT  professional - Case study

"Until recently, I was working as a software professional in a commercial environment. My specialism was developing traditional applications suitable for running on IBM mainframes. As a result of companies sending a progressively increasing proportion of this type of work to low wage economies to save money, I was made redundant in the autumn with a nearly obsolete skill set. My future looked bleak: there was fierce competition for work related to my skill set, and for the vast majority of software development jobs, companies demanded experience of technical skills which I did not have.

I needed careers advice of the highest possible quality to show me the way forward. A friend recommended the Change Key Partnership, affirming that the quality of service and customer care was well worth the price. After some deliberation, I felt that hiring the services of the Change Key Partnership would be an effective means of finding the way out of the predicament which I was in.

With their help, it became apparent that I would do well to train and seek work as a web designer or web developer. Which much careful planning and their encouragement, I applied to study for a Masters in Web Development at Edge Hill University and was accepted for the course. I am here now, bringing to the end of what is a very challenging academic year. I am acquiring new skills in the art of website design and development which will render me much more marketable than when I was made redundant.

What impresses me greatly is the personalised service which is offered by the Change Key Partnership. I felt that I was treated as a person, not as an object to be processed and pushed out of the door to make way for the next client. A ‘one size fits all' approach of treating every client alike does not apply here! Furthermore, this Partnership is still interested in the progress which I am making towards obtaining my Masters, and as a result of this, obtaining employment.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with this Partnership until well into my new employment and beyond.


Rick - Lacking in Confidence

I came to ChangeKey completely devoid of confidence and self-esteem, after spending far too many years giving 97% effort for a 3% return in a fickle industry bereft of imagination toward my particular expertise, leaving me constantly frustrated, and without future direction or hope.

Meeting Lyn did indeed provide the vital key of change whereby I was able to step back and proudly take stock of my particular skills and talents; and the subsequent help, advice, and above all, friendship (which is a Unique Selling Point I now adopt with clients in my new venture) lead me to establish a completely different career in holistic therapy, including hypnotherapy and counseling.

A visit to ChangeKey is a sure-fire and extremely cost-effective way of focusing your skills and realising your dreams."


Graham  - Made Redundant 

"When I was made redundant, I was referred to Lyn and Jeff at the 'Change Key Partnership'. I have been very impressed by the support and advice that I have received from Lyn and Jeff, which has been excellent. From the very beginning. I received a professional service and was immediately made to feel at ease when visiting Lyn and Jeff in their office.

Initially, Lyn helped me to search for suitable employment and took the time to make sure that my skills and knowledge matched the positions I was applying for. Jeff helped me to improve my interview and presentation techniques so that by the time I had my first job interview, I felt prepared and confident. In fact. I was successful at the first interview I had and secured a position within weeks of first visiting Change Key.

I remain very grateful to Lyn and Jeff for this and I am still settled and successful in the role that they helped me to secure".


Mark - Made Redundant 

Hi Jeff

Just a quick line really to let you know I was offered the Production Manager's Role at xxx on Friday. I accepted the position and will sit down next week and discuss the details with Tracy (HR) and Stuart ( MD). They will be making the announcement sometime this week  I'd like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for all the support and patience you have shown and for the encouragement you have given along the way. It would be good to have a debrief in the next couple of weeks when I have sat down with them and discussed the details.

Many thanks

Kind Regards