Outplacement and Redundancy Nottingham

Outplacement and Redundancy Nottingham

Being made redundant ranks almost as high as divorce and the death of a family member in the stress tables.

 Our clients often tell us that any redundancy pay out, without the benefit of a monthly pay cheque soon disappears. Getting back into the job market as quickly as possible is often vital and that's where "Changekey" comes in.

We provide a supportive environment that bridges the gap between leaving you old job and transitioning to a new future. We coach and help you manage the complexities of modern job search, initially helping you focus again on what you want to do, preparing your CV and giving you renewed confidence to apply and interview for vacancies either with employers direct or agencies.

Our Redundancy support not only includes the practicalities such as CVs, job search, interview coaching, applying for roles but much more....................we care.

Been made redundant and need help?

Our Redundancy programmes are sufficiently flexible to enable individuals to include the following and others in their lifestyle choices:

  • Full time employment
  • Part Time
  • Job Share
  • Consultancy
  • Franchises
  • Interim Management
  • Starting your own business
  • Planned retirement

The practical aspects of Redundancy support means that we prepare you for the job market.

In addition to helping you manage the change that's taken place, we work with you to recognise your innate qualities and skills gained from recent positions and take this to the next stage; from developing an effective CV, coaching you to be successful at interviews, assisting you to identify and apply for meaningful jobs and opportunities.

Just some of what Ellie wrote........

" Dear Lyn, part of the first step in healing myself and trying to rebuild our lives was coming to see you and Jeff and getting help from you. You guys have helped us, and me in particular, more than you know. By doing the personality assessment you have confirmed what I knew about my underlying character, but by going the extra steps to assess my career goals and motivation and identify potential job roles, it finally became clear what I have always wanted out of my working life and how that effects me.........."

"I now feel I can confidently manage. I will also get paid what I deserve, and have some great career opportunities in front of me......"