Redundancy Options

Redundancy Options

Just some of the core elements that are often contained in our redundancy programmes

Our team, have at one time or another, been through redundancy and have a personal awareness of the practical and emotional demands placed on individuals.


We take pride in the friendly and supportive way we work with individuals and our ongoing referrals and testimonials demonstrate the positive relationships we have with our clients.

Career Assessment & Diagnostic Feedback

We can conduct comprehensive psychometric tests designed to assess your interests, values, team style, personality patterns and drive to achieve.

These patterns will often be explored with you to explain satisfactions and dissatisfactions, successes and failures in your career to date and what needs to happen for fulfillment and realisation of your potential to take place. This reflects where you are and helps to assist you in developing the vision of what it is that you need to do from now on, in order to achieve more and do more with your life.

Clarify Your Career Options

Having helped you to assess all the relevant factors, our team will talk through what options you have available and help you to decide which course of action you should follow and what it will mean to you in the future. Defining your career plan, we will discuss with you how best to move closer to your chosen career goal and provide you with a step by step action plan, designed to guide you in easy to follow stages that will lead you to your goal.

CV Development & Self-Marketing Literature

Having gained a full understanding of your skills, abilities and experience, knowing the career path you wish to embark upon we will provide you with a professionally prepared curriculum vitae and cover letter. These marketing documents will be tailored to suit you and will help you to win an interview within the career sector of your choice. We also provide you with CV and job application software.

Implementing Your Action Plan

We give you practical advice on what the next step should be, we will advise about obtaining further information concerning any training education needs, how to make further enquiries to explore employment opportunities and applying for jobs. We can even advise you on ways to contact potential employers and how to handle interviews. You will receive all the support and encouragement necessary to help you move forwards and begin the life you want and deserve!

Personal Coaching

We don't stop after you have completed the initial stages we can support you in your job search. This additional support is designed to help you maintain focus and direction; resolve any difficulties that you may be having ensuring a successful conclusion.

Finding and researching the Job - Plus managing that all important interview

We can supply you with business information that enable you to check out companies or public organisations that you may wish to apply to or interview with including:-

  • Private sector reports containing, a general market overview, Sector SWOT analysis, Key companies listing, Sector business trends, News information, Name and contact details of key recruiters for sector.
  • Financial data issues and plans, Organisational information including headcount targets, Functional issues, Decision makers, Procurement information.
  • Online Job Sites Access to the job sites that enable you to search and find jobs appropriate to your skills and experience Back to the top of the page.

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