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Lyn, can I say...what an amazing job you do. I don't know exactly what you saw in me but your intuition was certainly right...I am an estate agent!

I did think it was a slightly out there suggestion at the time and wouldn't really be enough to hold my interest for long....The thought that I'd have to sell and spend my days feeling comfortable chatting to near strangers on the phone...was very against the grain. But I do it...and do it well! Every day I am thankful that my evenings are my own...weekend working is now reduced to set hours on a Saturdays...with and full weekday off! The pleasure I have that my work brain does have an off switch will never get old. I've been very lucky to stumble upon a small independent very family orientated non targeted branch....quality customer service favoured over hitting aggressive sales targets! But again I feel that’s  down to you and ChangeKey...I knew exactly what work environment would suit me and what I was looking for. I had the confidence to seek it out and not settle for anything less.

Send my regards to Jeff too...His endless tea making and working the pc bit was just as vital a role in helping me succeed in changing career. Xx

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