Careers Advice and Career Transition

Careers Advice and Career Transition

Careers Advice and Career Transition

When we decided that we were tired of our current careers

Berta and Steve

"When we decided that we were tired of our current careers, and wanted to find an occupation which we thoroughly enjoyed, we sought some professional advice from Jeff and Lyn at ChangeKey Partnership. They put us on the right path and we have never looked back. We are so grateful to them both for all the help they gave us that we offered to make them a bespoke piece of their choice as a thank you.

TestimonialThey were very keen to have a table for their consulting rooms and after a few hours talking with them and looking through various fine furniture books and magazines we had a good idea of what they were looking for.

The table is made of English and European walnut. The top is constructed of a thick walnut veneer in a twenty piece sunburst pattern, bonded to both sides of a plywood core to ensure a stable and warp free top. The legs are made by laminating sections of solid European walnut and then turning them on a latheand fluting the columns. The stretchers are a laminated tessellation of English walnut which adds strength and stability to the piece. The final flourish is added by the cross-grain moulded lipping and ebony line detail.

TestimonialJeff and Lyn have been kind enough to give us the following testimonial: -

"To Berta & Steve. We knew that you were special but the depth surprised us - truly out of this world. Thanks a million, the table is and will be treasured forever."

If you would like to speak to Jeff or Lyn about your career or would like more information about what it is like to work with us then call them on 0115 9523602. We give them the highest recommendation and cannot thank them enough.

The table measures 45" in diameter and is 19" high, It took 80 to 100 hours to make and finish."


"This has reinforced my self-belief and provided a sharp focus for my career direction and personal development"

Copywriter | Communications Consultant | Author

Jeff and Lyn really know their stuff! I came to them at a real career crossroads. They helped me focus on what was important and remind me where my most formidable skills lay. I would thoroughly recommend them.


"I did think it was a slightly out there suggestion at the time and wouldn't really be enough to hold my interest for long....The thought that I'd have to sell and spend my days feeling comfortable chatting to near strangers on the phone...was very against the grain. But I do it...and do it well! Every day I am thankful that my evenings are my own...weekend working is now reduced to set hours on a Saturdays...with and full weekday off! The pleasure I have that my work brain does have an off switch will never get old. I've been very lucky to stumble upon a small independent very family orientated non-targeted branch....quality customer service favoured over hitting aggressive sales targets! But again I feel that ’s down to you and ChangeKey...I knew exactly what work environment would suit me and what I was looking for. I had the confidence to seek it out and not settle for anything less. 

Send my regards to Jeff too...His endless tea making and working the pc bit was just as vital a role in helping me succeed in changing career. Xx"


"Some time ago you did an interview coaching session with my son Richard, an aspiring airline pilot. We have just heard that Richard has been offered a job by an airline, after 3 days of tests and interviews. He is due to start training to fly Boeing 737 next Monday. Thank you very much for helping Richard - we are sure your work made a big difference"


"I recommend The Career Transition package which I invested in at a time when my career and job prospects seemed to be at an all-time low.

My life and career had recently been subjected to major changes including redundancy and my future requirements appeared to present lots of limitations.

Changekey helped me work through all of these, helping me see a lot more options than I could see on my own. The psychometric tests helped me understand myself and gave me the confidence to pursue a new career direction and invest in the retraining required.

I liked the personal touch and friendly service and really looked forward to my sessions!"


I just wanted to give you a quick update.

I said in my previous email that I thought the interview had gone well. The interviewer must have thought so too, as he offered me the job!

I started on 26 May, just after the bank holiday, so I'm about three weeks into the role now. Although it's still with the same company, it's a very different world on this side, so lots to learn, but I'm enjoying the challenge.

Thank you for your help and support in getting a new job. I have recommended you to a few people over the past months and will continue to do so.

Thanks again



"The most delightful, genuine, honest and altogether helpful team"

"You may be skeptical about whether this exercise will be worthwhile: I was, and I'd done a lot of work myself over the years, trying to work out my career direction, stacking up the jobs like a trophy collection."


Before I went to Change Key, I didn’t know what to do for a career and where to begin working it out. The psychometric testing programme allowed me to narrow down my options which made it easier to see what I could do for a career and be happy and content doing it. They were friendly, supportive, and easy to talk to and if I had a question I felt comfortable asking it and I knew I would get a response promptly over email. I also got advice about writing CV’s and cover letters and how to tailor them for certain jobs. Change Key helped me work out my career options and put me on the right path.