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Assessment tests

Assessment tests we offer

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Personality and Career Questionnaires

We use a range of established personality profiling questionnaires that produce very relevant information on the individuals personal style and how they achieve both in a corporate sense i.e. relating to customers and suppliers, personally with their direct reports, managers and colleagues. In addition Career and Personality Questionnaires often provide an insight into the manner in which individuals are being affected by pressure and stress in their life.

Measuring work base competency; See a report 

The questionnaire produces detailed, straightforward jargon-free competency & feedback reports.

It is valid for all levels of seniority and is available in English, French, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Number of Questions 190. Typical completion time 15 to 25 minutes Competencies

The questionnaire assesses 130 competencies, which may also be called ‘criteria’, ‘traits’, or ‘qualities’. Competencies help to distinguish superior from average performers and provide a way to characterise the requirements of any particular job activity at any particular level in the organisation. The collective term for a group of competencies is a ‘Mindset’. The assessment is appropriate for selection, development & counselling and may be used with an individual, group or entire organisation and at any level of seniority.

This questionnaire evaluates the person against 130 competencies which are derived from our work with clients over the last two decades. Any job role can be profiled by the selection of a set of competencies from the directory of 130.

An employer can, therefore, profile a candidate against several possible job roles simultaneously.

More information about the questionnaire 

MBTI - Myers Briggs Personality Questionnaire

The Myers Briggs model of personality is based on four preferences (E or I, S or N, T or F and J or P). You combine the preferences to give your Myers Briggs personality type, there are sixteen Myers Briggs personality types.
Personal Motivational Drives Questionnaire
The information gained from this short questionnaire gives vital insights into what people really enjoy in a task they carry out. As an indicator it often explains why people are motivated whist carrying out one project or role yet totally turned off when asked to do another.

Belbin Team role Questionnaire 
Belbin Team roles, this extremely valuable information enables an understanding of how the individual brings their strengths to bear in the success of both the management team and their own sub teams. In addition the results allow the team to review how other individuals joining the team will relate to the existing team members, hence determining their short / long term effectiveness.