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Career Specialists, Nottingham. Est 1992

Career Specialists, Nottingham. Est 1992

Personal Career Direction, Advice, Outplacement & Coaching


Are you just Stuck?

We often hear "if I'd have just come to you earlier for your advice and help, life would have been much easier." Sometimes we are in the right career but working for the wrong company or organisation, sometimes although we have been successful, we realise that the career we chose, maybe years ago, is just not for us and now need to take a fresh look at what we want to do for a job. 
Is it time to do something different? Over 60% of our clients tell us they never had a clear career goal and often just "fell" into what they do now! often they knew inside the job wasn't really for them, but circumstances being what they were at the time forced them stay, however one day and it's rarely too late, they finally said "enough is enough" and made that all important decision to do something about it and contact us.

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Do you have memories of school or university Careers Advice that was "fuzzy" or the advisor just wanted to get you off their books? Has this put you off seeking help?

Well that was then, established in 1992 our aim has always been to work alongside our clients, using the most up to date resources and information such as psychometric testing,  together with highly honed coaching and development skills to help you cut through the fog and  move you forward in a career that enables you to express who you are to the full, using your skills while earning a salary or wage that allows you to enjoy the lifestyle of your choice.The Changekey Partnership

Our Coaching delivers a clear career strategy that utilises and enhances personal strengths and aspirations, leading to:- Increased focus, enabling you to communicate your value to employers, further developing your self-confidence, awareness and personal belief

Graham said...

When I was made redundant, I was referred to Lyn and Jeff at the 'Change Key Partnership'. I have been very impressed by the support and advice that I have received from Lyn and Jeff, which has been excellent . From the very beginning. I received a professional service and was immediately made to feel at ease when visiting Lyn and Jeff in their office. read more..


For a Free Initial Consultation click here or contact us on 0115 952 3602

We Provide:-

  • Professional careers advice and guidance
  • One to one coaching
  • A listening ear
  • CV preparation
  • Personal marketing
  • Psychometric testing 
  • Job search
  • Interview coaching
  • Coaching for assessment centers
  • Redundancy and outplacement advice 
  • Ongoing support and networking
  • Plus real and practical solutions to some of the most difficult career problems.

If you're looking for clear practical guidance or feel that time is running out for you, then look no further than ChangeKey.

For a Free Initial Consultation click here or contact us on 0115 952 3602


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