The Secret Career Question

The Secret Career Question

For a long time now I've been saying to clients that a job, whatever it is, should allow YOU to express who YOU are. Find that role, you will be happy!




I recently watched an old television show called Soldier Soldier (Sony TV) that distinguished exactly what I had been getting at all this time. The story goes something like this….A corporal carries out an assault on another squaddie and is arrested, demoted to private, and sentenced to the army’s prison at Colchester for 56 days. During his first few days, an incident happened that changed this young soldier’s life. Life isn’t designed to be easy in an army prison and each day starts with a 10 mile run in fatigues caring a 50lb pack, not a pleasurable start to the day. Our soldier in the story starts well but soon becomes disillusioned and rebellious, doing whatever he could get away with and whenever. Fortunately, a Sergeant in charge of the activity, recognising what was going on,  pulled our soldier to one side and quietly asked him a simple question " why did you join the army" a confused look came over our soldier's face but after a few moments he replied "I  wanted to be a soldier"  “then be one then”!  Said the Sergeant. 

Our soldier stunned by the reply paused for a moment, smiled, picked up his 50lb pack and began to run to catch up with the others in the group.  Needless to say, he completed his stay at Colchester with a good report and it wasn’t too long before he regained his corporal stripes. 

This story had an immediate effect on me personally, recognising how recently I’d been complaining about all the work I had to do etc. and decided to ask myself the question "why am I doing this job" and the answer came back " because I like being a career consultant" and fortunately I have the opportunity to do it. Since asking the question and receiving the answer life has been a little easier.

Of course, I’m fortunate enough to be able to answer in the positive and help others also answer the question positively. 

 Can you?  If not please give Changekey a call!!