Is your Pension age about to increase?

Is your Pension age about to increase?

The answer for many will be YES! The State Pension age for men and women is about to increase to 67 between 2026 and 2028.

This means unless you are the lucky one that has a private pension to die for or perhaps invested in the buy to let market before the recent changes, many will be working into their 60’s and possibly even 70’s.

For many, it’s taken a while for the penny finally to drop and I’m hearing more and more comments from clients such as “I can’t do this until I’m 70” I need to do something else but what can I do?

Making a career change large or small has in the past been often fraught with worry and concerns with about giving up something you have done for a long while, sometimes for years, even though you may well have hated every minute.  However, at age 40 considerations of another 25 or 30 years doing what you don’t really joy may finally stir up a brave new soul that allows those difficult thoughts to surface and perhaps even more, generate a sense of urgency that now is the time to do something about it and take action.

It doesn’t always mean a complete change but sometimes a refocusing of your skills or another tweak or so makes a whole difference and sometimes results in even getting a pay rise.

We have helped literally helped thousands of individuals like you review and make changes to their careers; a relatively small investment of your time and money can make all the difference, so if you are thinking “will I be still doing this at 70?” give us a call and put a smile back on your face.