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Pre-Disciplinary Coaching

Pre-Disciplinary Coaching

Managing behavioural change

From time to time as manager we often find ourselves managing team members that undergo “behavioural change” and not always for the good of themselves or the organisation.

Have you employees who?:

  • Are spasmodically under performing
  • Becoming rebellious
  • Challenging to manage
  • Difficulty dealing with other team members
  • Appear to have been over promoted

Then our one to one coaching service may be of interest.

These are often skilled and previously committed individuals who begin to act differently and consume yours and others time to manage them.
Of course there is always the disciplinary route to go down, but often these are valuable people who the organisation has invested in, sometimes heavily.

At this point the benefit of an external coach such as Changekey can be invaluable, a fresh face together with an un-judgemental yet practical and experienced approach can often help the individual come to terms with their change in behaviour, recognise the consequences and turn it around, thus saving the organisation the expense of the disruption and potential loss of a previously valuable employee.

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