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Management and Team Coaching

Management and Team Coaching

Management Coaching

Is your team or individuals performing to their optimum performance?

Whether it is a new and inexperienced manager or a tried and tested "old salt" managers often benefit from the input of someone they can respect and trust. Obviously their line manager is a vital resource, as are development reviews, however rarely does a manager open up fully to their boss regarding their development needs, they may ask occasionally for a training course but often that’s as far as it goes. 

As an external coach the first action is to agree a contract with both their boss and the coached, putting in place a space of confidentiality allowing the relationship to be meaningful.

Once we have developed a non-threatening rapport and from ongoing discussions and the use of coaching tools such as 360 degree questionnaires we are able to offer comprehensive support. Resolving those issues that are preventing either the individual or team from "flying" in the face of dfficult goals.