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Career Programmes

Career Programmes

Career Direction

This programme usually conducted over 4 weeks has proven to be highly effective in helping someone like you maximise their career potential. We will help you define precisely what you are looking for, identify your potential by assessing your experience motivation, ability and style patterns, agree an action plan that will enable you to maximise your career success and implement your action plan with constructive and positive guidelines.

We will look below the surface and discover what it really is that you are looking for. After all, many factors will have influenced what you think you want to do and by applying a systematic and objective investigation we can distinguish between what you really want and what external influences have conditioned you to think you want.

 How does it work? :

 Stage 1 – Career Assessment

We will conduct comprehensive psychometric tests designed to assess your interests, values, team style, personality patterns and drive to achieve.

 Stage 2- Analysis & Diagnostic Feedback

These patterns will be explored with you to explain satisfactions and dissatisfactions, successes and failures in your career to date and what needs to happen for fulfilment and realisation of your potential to take place. This reflects where you are and helps to assist you in developing the vision of what it is that you need to do from now on, in order to achieve more and do more with your life.

 Stage 3 – Clarify Your Career Options

Having helped you to assess all the relevant factors, we will talk through what options you have available and help you to decide which course of action you should follow and what it will mean to you in the future.

Stage 4 – Career Coaching & Information Support

We will discuss with you how best to move closer to your chosen career goal and provide you with a step by step action plan, designed to guide you in easy to follow stages that will lead you to your goal. This will highlight:

 How and where you should focus your energies, efforts and ambitions.

  • Which level you should aim for, how to find the right balance that will enable you to progress most efficiently.
  • What environment is best suited to you, how best you might fit into any organisation.
  • What else might you require to help you get to your chosen goal?
  • What first step should you take to help you know you are on your way?
  • We’ll advise about obtaining further information concerning any training/ education needs and how to make further enquiries to explore employment opportunities and applying for jobs.

 Stage 5 – The results of the above profiling will compiled in a report and  include charts etc.

 Note. Stage one, to be part completed on-line and part together with stages 2, 3 and 4 will be carried out at our home /office in Sherwood.

Since we are all different with individual needs fees will vary depending on the assistance you need so please get in touch to discuss further. 

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We Provide:-

  • Professional careers advice and guidance
  • One to one coaching
  • A listening ear
  • Coaching for assessment centres
  • CV preparation
  • Personal marketing
  • Psychometric testing 
  • Job search
  • Interview coaching
  • Redundancy and outplacement advice 
  • Ongoing support and networking
  • Plus real and practical solutions to some of the most difficult career problems.

If you're looking for clear practical guidance or feel that time is running out for you, then look no further than ChangeKey.

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